Thursday, 14 January 2010

PsyPAG Statistics Workshop in Strathclyde (January 18th 2010)

Three members of the section committee will be presenting at the PsyPAG Statistics Workshop in Strathclyde next week. Dr Andrew Rutherford will be talking about statistical assumptions, Dr Gillian Smith about teaching statistics and Professor Thom Baguley will be presenting on multilevel modeling. The speakers (including Professor Mark Shevlin) will also be acting as a panel for a 'live' statistics surgery.

The event is organized by PsyPAG's Josie Booth and supported by PGwT and the University of Strathclyde Roberts Innovation Fund.

2009 Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at Staffordshire University. Thanks to Professor David Clark-Carter (local organizer) and Dr Gillian Smith (Section Secretary) for organizing such a friendly and lively event.

The invited speaker was Professor David Bartholomew who spoke on A Modern Version of Thomson's Model for Intelligence based on his recent work with Ian Deary and Martin Lawn. In Professor Barthomew emphasized that the Thomson's bonds model isn't just a historical curiosity, but when implemented has statistical properties that make it a plausible competitor to Spearman's two-factor model.

David Clark Carter and Professor Thom Baguley debated the future of the BPS statistics curriculum for undergraduate psychology and the implications of recent accreditation changes.

Individual papers were presented by Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Danny Kaye and Elisa Carrus.