Monday, 7 February 2011

British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology 2011 Issue 1 online

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
is proud to publish the British Journal of Mathematical and
Statistical Psychology
on behalf of The British
Psychological Society
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Keep up to date with British Journal of Health Psychology Testing overall and moderator effects in random
effects meta-regression

Hilde M. Huizenga, Ingmar Visser and Conor V. Dolan

Correcting an analysis of variance for clustering

Larry V. Hedges and Christopher H. Rhoads

Evaluation of convergent and discriminant validity
with multitrait–multimethod correlations

Tenko Raykov

Decision making on ambiguous stimuli such as prosody
by subjects suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, alcohol dependence,
and without psychiatric diagnosis

Karol Fabia´nczyk

Bayesian estimation of semiparametric nonlinear
dynamic factor analysis models using the Dirichlet process prior

Sy-Miin Chow, Niansheng Tang, Ying Yuan, Xinyuan Song
and Hongtu Zhu

Ridge structural equation modelling with correlation
matrices for ordinal and continuous data

Ke-Hai Yuan, Ruilin Wu and Peter M. Bentler

The linear mixed model and the hierarchical
Ornstein–Uhlenbeck model: Some equivalences and differences

Zita Oravecz and Francis Tuerlinckx

Expert tutorial

Binary recursive partitioning: Background, methods,
and application to psychology

Edgar C. Merkle and Victoria A. Shaffer

Statistical software review

R you ready for R?: The CRAN Psychometrics Task View

Ali Ünlü and Takuya Yanagida
British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical

The British Journal of Psychology
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The British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
publishes articles relating to areas of psychology which have a greater
mathematical or statistical aspect of their argument than is usually
acceptable to other journals including:

  • mathematical
  • psychology
  • statistics
  • psychometrics
  • decision making
  • psychophysics
  • classification
  • relevant areas of mathematics, computing and computer
These include articles that address substantitive psychological issues
or that develop and extend techniques useful to psychologists. New
models for psychological processes, new approaches to existing data,
critiques of existing models and improved algorithms for estimating the
parameters of a model are examples of articles which may be favoured.

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knowledge. With a publishing history spanning over 100 years, our
journals portfolio is at the forefront of the psychology community with
international contributions and readership.

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