Saturday, 5 December 2009

Welcome to the BPS Maths, Stats & Computing Section blog

This is the weblog of the British Psychological Society's Mathematics, Statistics and Computing section. The role of the blog is to help us communicate announcements, publicize section activities and keep in touch with section members. We also operate an official mailing list for members on an opt-in basis. Traffic on that list is low as we try to avoid bombarding members with emails, so this blog offers us an alternative communication channel.

At the moment the blog is public (in keeping with the open way the section has operated in the past). Among other activities, we have operated a regular Annual Scientific Meeting for just over fifty years. This meeting is a free-to-register scientific meeting open to all academics and professionals interested in the mathematical and statistical aspects of psychology and the application of mathematics, statistics and advanced computing in psychology. There is no requirement to be a BPS member (or a psychologist) to present papers at or attend our Annual Scientific Meeting.

The section and members of the section have also been very strongly involved in advanced mathematics and statistics training of psychology students (particularly at Masters and Doctoral levels). The section is free to join for student members of the BPS.

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