Friday, 28 October 2011

2011 Ranald Macdonald Postgraduate Research Award

The Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Psychology Section is pleased to invite considerations for the 2011 Ranald Macdonald Postgraduate Research Award. Deadline for applications 30th March 2012

This will be awarded to the best UK Postgraduate thesis/dissertation/project (MSc, MRes, MPhil, Professional Doctorate, DPhil or PhD) using mathematics or statistics in a novel way to investigate an aspect of Psychology. The work and qualification upon which the award is assessed must have been awarded between 1st August 2010 and 31st December 2011.

The award consists of £150 and expenses up to £200 to attend the section's Annual Scientific Meeting in the following year (2012 for the 2011 award). As a condition of accepting the award, the winner will be expected to present on their winning work at that meeting (scheduled for December 2012) and to join the section if they are not already a member.

Details about eligibility and the (simple) application process can be found below or by contacting the Section Secretary Dr Collette Corry.

cv.corry _at_

Please note the deadline for submissions will be 30th March 2012 at 5pm.

How to apply:

Please send the following to the section secretary Collette Corry via email to:

1. Your full contact details including Name, Institution, Degree Title and Date the qualification was awarded, Address, Email, Telephone number and the Name (s) of Supervisors

2. The extended abstract from your thesis, which outlines the findings of your work

3. A supporting statement from one of your supervisory team outlining the importance and contribution of your thesis and suitability for the award (no more than 300 words) and listing any peer-reviewed publications associated with the work.

Procedure: Your application will be considered by a panel of Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Section Committee members, and the panel’s decision will be final. One or more submissions will be short-listed and their authors may be invited to submit the complete thesis to the panel for final consideration via PDF. The panel reserves the right not to short-list any candidates if the panel does not deem the quality of submissions to be sufficiently high. From time to time the panel may also seek the views of expert reviewers on the quality of a submission prior to short-listing or to making an award. The panel may, in exceptional circumstances, make a split award between two equally deserving candidates.

Criteria for making the award: Emphasis will be placed on the following criteria:

- use of novel mathematics or statistics

- reference to substantive issues in psychology or related disciplines

- clarity of exposition of the mathematical or statistical concepts

- potential or actual contribution to the field, via peer-reviewed publication

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